Shakti yoga is a class especially for women at the Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala on Friday mornings from 9.30-11am. This is a deeply nurturing sanctuary space for you to drop in deeply and unwind at the end of the week.

In this series of Shakti Yoga especially for women we will awaken a uniquely feminine flavour of strength, invoking our inner power and harnessing vital energy ~ Shakti ~ to replenish and energise us. We will learn to access Source energy from within our feminine energy centres and from the earth.

In this deeply nurturing space, we will cultivate pelvic presence (the secret of feminine vitality!), returning to our roots for healing and empowerment as we anchor in the Source of our being, resting into ourselves as we drop down out of the head and into the body.

You will be invited into authentic and organic expression of movement through our bodies, in addition to classical yoga postures and mudras to clear, align and open the nadis (energy channels), circulating this vital energy for health, healing, creativity and spiritual connection.

There will be a generous serve of restorative poses in each session to experience the medicine of softness through stillness, deeper receptivity and complete surrender into relaxation, integrating the movement practice.

This is truly where the magic of our Shakti yoga practice lies, allowing us to deepen beneath ‘ordinary’ consciousness and access the deeper wisdom within, restoring the balance in our bodies and energy system.

Practicing in nature, we always adapt to conditions – if heat is excessive, our practice will be more restorative focussed and possibly include a meditation/chanting practice inside the air-conditioned Devi Mandir (Goddess temple)

Chai will follow each class with an opportunity to connect with other yoginis or if you prefer to connect with the land in silence (or having a swim if there is water in the creek!).

26th JANUARY MINI-RETREAT (public holiday)

On the fourth Friday of the series we will have a longer practice (9am – 12pm) in a mini-retreat format to give you the opportunity to drop more deeply in and to consolidate the principles we cover and to harness the cumulative Shakti – an opportunity for deep replenishment and restoration. An Ayurvedic, organic and vegetarian lunch will be served afterwards (for an extra cost).
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! Only 10 places available.

New series will begin 2nd March 2018 – bookings opening soon

Or PM me with enquiries.

Love, Jasmine