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My spiritual experience at the ostepath clinic

I discovered osteopathy after having a couple of minor car accidents and found it to be wonderfully effective. I also noticed that the benefits were way more than physical. I felt subtle realignments in my energy body that were like nothing I’d experienced through any form of energy work. I’d always feel incredible afterwards for [...]

A bold declaration of brilliance

M I D S U M M E R ☀️ D R E A M I N G {A bold declaration of brilliance!} I recently realised that I am way more afraid of my light than I am my dark... that I will readily acknowledge my flaws, my fears, my inadequacies… and easily deny my [...]

Wheels are in motion

Wheels are in motion but I refuse to take the well worn path again Evolution is inevitable I will not stay stuck or the same Forging new ways Breaking free from mediocrity She who has untangled herself Will not be bound by the captivity of the ones before her Secret places call Adventure abounds Beauty [...]

Turquoise dreaming

Thank Goddess for the Goddess! There was a time in my life in the not-so-distant past when I was so fixated on things working out as I’d planned that if they didn’t I’d be miserable. My plans (as great as they were!) constricted me. I was uptight & unwilling to acknowledge the truth that really, [...]

Ripening – the fruitful bounty of springtime

In the thick of winter I had dreams about ripe fruit... towering trees with dense branches laden with delicious ripe fruit. The dreams and visions I received instilled hope as I was plunged into the dark depths of the underworld - as is the way of things for me now each winter. I knew I [...]

K A L I • L O V E

I feel the heat again And I know it is you Kali Maa Liberation is your grace; and your face gleams; your eyes wide I look into them and all I can see is Truth You laughter resounds and shakes my being awakeKali Maa You are the original wild oneYou are ferocious But not to [...]

Why I nearly broke up with yoga

https://vimeo.com/236348253 Recently I caused quite a stir when I sent out a newsletter with the subject line “why I nearly broke up with yoga”. A lot of people expressed concern. I realise I didn’t quite give the full story! I guess I was trying to express the restriction I felt through a traditional yoga practice. [...]

Stay close

Stay close to the earth at this time Feel the solid ground beneath you Stay close to your heart which might just mean staying close to your hurt Summon all the compassion you can muster The veils between conscious & unconscious are thin right now. We cannot hide anything anymore As we begin to see [...]

Fierce Love

This is what feels called for right now. . Times like these we need to embody and cultivate our STRENGTH… and equally to SOFTEN and keep our hearts open, even when there is so much pain, collectively and personally. To GROUND… when the turmoil and turbulence around us feels unsettling. To NURTURE ourselves and each [...]