Tea Ceremony with special guest 1st December

connor tea ceremony

Tea Ceremony with special guest 1st December


Friday 1st December at 7pm  (finishing by 9pm)in the Devi Mandir at the Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala. As this is a private residence, those booking in will be emailed the exact location before the event.

$10 booking fee +  optional donation on the night

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I am so delighted to welcome back Connor from Gathering of Stones to the Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala for another tea ceremony.

This community event will take place on Friday 1st December, beginning at 7pm and finishing by 9pm.

There will be the space for questions at the end of the ceremony, or for a short discussion.

$10 booking fee + $10 – $15 donation suggested on the night to cover the costs of the ceremony, the donation, however, is not obligatory and you should only donate if you genuinely feel compelled to – tea ceremony is a free offering to the world. Any donations received will go towards future tea ceremonies, and facilitate the space for sharing tea with others.

There will be space for 8 in the temple at the Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala. The last tea ceremony here was a truly magical evening – do not miss this opportunity to share tea in ceremony while Connor travels back to Australia for a short while. Words from Connor about the ceremony:

“We gather in silence for a while, an hour or two, sharing the wisdom of Tea. Sitting within an impermanent space where we surrender to each thread as it arises, remaining rooted within stillness and silence. Gentle energies of unbecoming flow throughout each breath as we journey with the tea and soften into our hearts; an eternal space of love and joy.“


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