I am dedicated to my practice of yoga and meditation because it gives me a sense of comfort, ease and health in my body. It helps my energy to flow freely and offers a sense of vitality – a natural enthusiasm and zest for life.

I experience a steadiness in my emotional state and clarity of mind, which is reflected in more harmonious  relationships with others, with my environment, and with nature.

It has gifted me the ability to tune into my body, my inner wisdom, and to see myself clearly – in particular all that is holding me back!  It continues to teach me the art of letting go. It teaches me how to love – myself, others, and the Divine. I have more peace of mind than I’ve ever known, and a greater sense of contentment that comes from within. Yoga has provided me with the most precious of tools which enable me to move through the challenges of life gracefully, and the ability to see the challenges as incredible opportunities for growth and self-understanding.

This is why I’m so passionate about sharing yoga!

baddha konasana - one of my favourite poses!

Read on for the story of how yoga and I first met, and our ongoing love affair…

Curiosity took me to my first yoga class in 2006 at my university’s gym-I was into sport and fitness and yoga was just another form of exercise to try out. I still remember one of the first classes I went to with an Indian teacher – I was up the back and she kept coming to correct me and I remember feeling rather incompetent. Something brought me back though, and I discovered some incredible teachers I really connected with and inspired me to keep up the practice. Little did I know but this was the beginning of a lifelong dedication to the practice and study of yoga.

jasmine yoginiYoga came to me during an incredibly stressful and emotionally challenging time – I was writing my honours thesis while completing a very competitive forth year in psychology (having career aspirations in that field at the time), nursing a painfully broken heart, and was physically very weak and tired due to undiagnosed anemia after becoming vegetarian.  My yoga practice was my medicine. I was a dedicated student and practised consistently, attending classes several times a week. I’m convinced it was my yoga practice which enabled me to graduate with first class honours, despite the stressful circumstances I was experiencing!

There was a very “special something” I experienced after a yoga class which I couldn’t quite pinpoint. I remember leaving classes feeling elated, expansive, connected and at peace.  My yoga teachers were my role-models, and inwardly I really wanted to be like them (never thinking I would teach yoga myself)- they had something that I wanted, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.

Delighted that there was a system which seemed to explain everything that psychology left out, my steady consistent practice led me towards a complete immersion into the path of yoga on commencement of my year-long teacher training in 2010 with Adam and Akash Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga on the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland, and in 2013 I completed my level 2 teacher training with them, which focused on Yoga therapy and Ayurveda.

Lots of things “clicked” when I began yoga teacher training – I could understand intellectually why I felt so special after yoga practice, and added a daily meditation practice to my routine which deepened my experience of yoga and I have maintained to this day (could not live without it!). All of the yogic texts we studied explained and advised thing I had always intuitively felt.

At this point I embraced yoga not only as a practice, but as a lifestyle, began to live a much more wholesome and balanced way of living. Practising yoga has been an ever-deepening journey, and has led me to recognise my strengths and has given me the confidence to embrace my life path, and to experience life in all its fullness.

I began teaching early in 2011 – humble beginnings joyfully sharing with housemates in our lounge room and backyard in West End, and soon after in several yoga studios around Brisbane. I was working a professional job at QUT at the time, but a car accident which I luckily escaped from reminded me to embrace my heart’s calling to focus all of my energies on sharing yoga… the universe supported me fully in this decision, and my spirit rejoices as I am sharing what I truly love.   And so the journey continues!